Bullsone Wide Mirror technology was showed in the world famous journal

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Demonstrated excellence in technological elimination of blind spots

A research paper which based on the technology of Bullsone Widemirror published in a famous journal Optics Express (Vol.22, Iss.21, Oct.20.2014).

Prof.Lee Ho-cheol’s team(Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hanbat National University) and Bullsone R&D Institute jointly presented the research paper, “Photorealistic ray tracing to visualize automobile side mirror reflective scenes“.

Blind spots are the major causes of car accidents. This research paper proposed visualization techniques to design the optimal side mirror.

It’s needed a design and technology of an optimized curved mirror for perceiving vehicles in a distance and blind spots at the same time. A visualization technique presented in the paper is implemented by a curvature of a mathematical calculation, which is designed by points on the mirror surface having a continuous curved surface of a mirror.

These visualization techniques are being tried to apply the transparent cape, but car rear view can virtually preview a road landscape with computer simulations that reflection in a mirror. Bullsone applied the technique directly to the Aspheric multifocal technology mirror which is more suitable for drivers.

There are various systems for detecting blind spots, but those are expenive. And it’s more effective to detect blind spot through side mirrors. Have proven the effectiveness by published in Optics Express, Bullsone Widemirror is a reasonable price and an appropriate solution for blind spot.

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