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Bullsone is the company to aim to provide safe, healthy and pleasant driving environment with a variety of eco-friendly products and services.


Bullsone Co., Ltd. began as an independent entity in 2001, branching off from Oxy Co., Ltd., a leading Korean enterprise. Since then it has developed into Korea’s No. 1 auto care products manufacturer. The followings are the factors that contributed to Bullsone’s success; corporate philosophy that gives priority to the trust of customers, competitive spirit that does not accept failure, cultivation of creative minds with a desire to always pursue something new. Bullsone, in particular, has been preparing for a sustainable future by actively developing products based on the idea of low-carbon green growth, which is the buzzword of this era. As a result, it has laid the foundation to expand its business into the global market and become a global company.
Bullsone received the 2011 Seoul City Environment Award for its green technology in July, 2011. Later that year, for the first time in the industry, our product Bullsoneshot was given “Green Technology Certification” by the government in recognition of its ability to reduce the carbon dioxide gas emissions of vehicles. In April, 2012, Bullsone was certified by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy as a Green Business after an assessment by the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) and the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT).
Bullsone’s corporate values are focused not only on our customers but are also extended to caring for society and the world. With global enterprise capabilities, a proven track record, and the confidence of our customers, Bullsone will continue to exert its utmost efforts to become the world’s No. 1 auto care products company. We have already expanded our business into China in 2012, laying the groundwork for our global presence. We intend to further expand into Europe and then the rest of the world. We believe that the Korean auto care products industry will dominate the global market in the foreseeable future and Bullsone will be in the lead. Passion creates a desire to overcome challenges, which leads to constant innovation. Innovation leads to even more exciting developments. Bullsone is set to continue in this way toward a bright and creative future.
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The history of Bullsone has been one of overcoming a series of challenges. Bullsone has grown into the industry’s No. 1 business by exploring new markets within the auto care products industry. Its eco-friendly products, deriving from the will to care for customers, society and the environment, have set the trend in the market. Bullsone’s diverse brands and its new, fresh marketing have helped the company win the hearts and minds of customers. Now we want to write a new history in the global auto care market.


A New Era of Success

Bullsone_A New Era of Success
In 1997, after three years of market analysis and many years of research and development, Oxy developed the engine system cleaner BullsoneShot with its own technology. About 27 million dollars was invested in the initial stage. The auto care product division of the company then became a separate entity in 2001 with the establishment of Bullsone Co., Ltd. Simultaneously, the company launched Bullspower, an engine coating agent that was jointly developed with the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, and it obtained a patent for the product. Since then, Bullsone has established itself as the No.1 auto care products company and technology developer in Korea.

Green Enterprise

Bullsone_Green Enterprise
Bullsone has grown into No. 1 auto care supplies firm in Korea while committed to eco-friendly green growth practices. In 2011, the company acquired Green Technology Certification, a first in the industry, in recognition of the effect of product in reducing the carbon dioxide gas emissions of vehicles. In April, 2012, Bullsone was certified by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy as a Green Business after being assessed by the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) and the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT).

Expanding across the World

Bullsone_Expanding across the World
Bullsone was not satisfied with the success in the domestic market and is now branching out into the world market. The company has made its first step overseas by establishing a branch in China in 2012, after numerous field surveys and analysis of the explosively growth of the Chinese market. Bullsone is now concentrating efforts on succeeding in the Chinese market and on ultimately becoming the world’s No. 1 auto care products company by building more factories and developing new products.



Ownership, professionalism & high-level achievement


We operate with a sense of ownership and professionalism to achieve excellent performance.


Creativity, positive mindset & dynamic execution


We do not settle for past achievements and always pursue something new, aiming to be the best.


High goals, meeting challenges & competitive spirit


We set high goals and make constant efforts to achieve them with a competitive spirit that does not accept failure.