Adding engine coating treatment to the synthetic motor oil is necessary?

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Recently more car owners use ‘synthetic’ motor oils made with high quality base oil like VHVI base oil or PAO*.

at the same time, this trend  amplifies a suspect like: I’m already using the synthetic motor oil which makes up for shortcomings of mineral oil. Why should I add the engine coating treatment like Bullspower to the existing synthetic lubricant?

*What is PAO?

PAO, Poly Alpha Olefin, is base oil which composed with ethylene. Impurity content is close to 0%.  Synthetic motor oils are made with base oils like PAO or VHVI (Very High Viscosity Index) and detergents, oxide inhibitors and viscosity index boosters.


The answer is:

Yes, adding the engine coating treatment like Bullspower is necessary for your vehicle though synthetic motor oil is poured in. It is due to the fact that even good synthetic motor oil can’t stop an engine’s wear and tear when a dry & cold start.*


      *What is a dry & cold start?

after stopping the engine, motor oil settles to the bottom of oil pan

4 hours after stopping the engine, motor oil settles to the bottom of oil pan (engine bottom) because of gravity.  If you restart the engine after a few hours, at least 7 seconds are taken for supplying the engine oil to the whole engine. For this moment, the cylinders of engine works up and down several hundred times without lubricant, during which 80% of the engine’s wear and tear happens.

cold & dry start
engine friction, tear and wear


Bullspower creates the specially formulated coat with AOMC(Advanced Organic Molybdenum Compound)* and provides an exclusive protection with Fullerene*. Also Bullspower made with the synthetic base oil which can apply for the highest quality motor oil. Bullspower provides excellent performance for any motor oil – from mineral to synthetic oil – from the planning stage. You can experience the excellent engine performance with Bullspower in any grade of motor oil.

engine coating material
engine coating material

*What is Fullerene?

 The Nobel Prize-winning nano-bearing material (1966) is 10 times stronger than steel. It covers and coats wounded parts of the engine. Its rolling nano-bearing effect, like steel bead, prevents friction and wear.


*AOMC (Advanced Organic Molybdenum Coumpound)

The patent material is used for spacecrafts and high-precision ballistic missile components.


Certified by TUV and Korean research centers, Bullspower Engine Coating Treatment will give trust and no-anxiety to drivers.

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