Effects of rain repellents, Bullsone Rain OK

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If your region has long rainy season, rain would be a big threat to the safety in driving.

Vehicles have windshield wiper blades, but rain repellent will enhance better visibility in the wet weather condition.

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Do you have a doubt about its effectiveness? Here’s the answers.


What is the advantages of using Rain OK’s rain repellent?

rain repellents effect

1. Safer at high speed : Rain drops fly off rain drops on windshield at a driving speed of 60 km/h or over.

2. Increases durability of the wiper blade: Delivers hydrophobic windshield coating to the glass surfaces, reducing necessity of wiper blade operation.

3. Easier to clean dirts and pollutants of the windshield:

Special hydrophobic windshield coat cleans dirt, dust and grease easily and effectively. Helps keep the windshield clean during four seasons.


Rain repellent provides safer driving when driving by improving visibility and decreasing response time.

University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute


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If you have problems like below after use,

  • Wiper blades leave streaks in operation.
  • Oil film is formed!
  • I have a demister issue.


Solution is,

how to use rain repellent


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