Why car engines need Bullsoneshot?

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engine oil additives

engine oil additives

Why car engines need Bullsoneshot?

What are the effects of Bullsoneshot?

Bullsoneshot removes carbon deposits of the fuel system.

1.Enables the existing carbons on the valves, injectors and cylinders to be treated.
2. After use, not harmful to the engine, the carbons are then burnt out safely and effectively.
3. The carbon build-ups are successfully cleaned and emitted through the exhust.
After use,
Untreated -1. Reduce performance.
2. Decrease combustion levels.
3. Increase noise.
4. Burn more fuel.
5. Cause more emissions.

Increase output
Restores combustion levels
Reduce noise and trembling
Improves fuel efficiency
Decrease exhaust smoke

Drivers have some doubts about the effect of Bullsoneshot, because they can’t see the inside of engines!

So, we keep trying to assure drivers for  “Bullsoneshot removes carbon deposits of the fuel system.“. However, people keep asking repeatedly again, “what are carbon deposits ?”

Well, let me explain the carbon deposit first.


carbon deposit


For a car to move, cylinders have to explode thousand times within 1 minute.
No matter how good the fuel, it cannot burn 100% of the fuel itself, which is called ‘incomplete combustion’ resulting in ‘carbon build-ups’.

Incomplete combustion causes ‘carbon deposits’ on the injectors & cylinder heads, reduces performance.


inside car engine


Carbon deposits ON intake-valve, injector and piston become thicker and thicker, becoming the primary reason of reducing car performance.

Refer to 2 following video clips for better understanding.

Dirty injector


Clean injector

See the dirty injector not spraying the fuel evenly in the first video, while the clean injector is doing the best work in the second video.

What happened if the injector doesn’t spray the fuel evenly?

1. Reduces performance.
2. Decreases combustion levels.
3. Increases noises.
4. Burns more fuel.
5. Causes more emissions.

Bullsoneshot is the engineered complete fuel treatment for cleaning the carbon deposits effectively and safely.

effects of Bullsoneshot


How does Bullsoneshot work?

Bullsoneshot is added to fuel and its blend chemically decomposes the carbon sediments on the engine interior.

effect after treatment

After use,

bullsoneshot before and after

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