[FAQ]I put ‘Bullsoneshot for gasoline ‘ into the diesel vehicle!!!

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As the No.1 fuel additive provider in Korea, we got some frequent questions from international partners and customers about concerns about uses in Bullsoneshot(the total fuel system cleaner).
Today, we want to give you clear answers.

I put wrong bullsoneshot

Q1. I put ‘Bullsoneshot for gasoline(diesel)’ into the diesel(gasoline) vehicle.



It won’t cause any trouble on your car. It will just result in ineffectiveness in cleaning the fuel system, because gasoline and diesel engines have different operating systems.

Solution: Pour gasoline or diesel fuel as much as possible and dilute.





Q2. I add ‘Bullsoneshot’ into the engine oil filler!



Bullsoneshot, a total fuel system cleaner will change the viscosity of the existing engine oil,making performance of engine oil worse.

Solution: Don’t start the engine. You have to change the engine oil with new. Please contact car repair shops in the nearest distance.