First Class Wash & Wax labeled with environmental friendly!

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Do you know most of car shampoos use the component of  anionic surfactant?

Anionic surfactant is one of the main components in car shampoo for high forming and cleaning performance.

However, it is the main cause of water pollution when car wash. The worst thing is, this component has toxicity that will bring about skin problems like eczema.


Now, you have an intimate question. Bullsone First Class Wash & Wax is the same or not?

Of course not!

It is perfectly safe to people skin and made for earth friendly,

as Bullsone’s wash & wax, and car shampoo is specially formulated with nonionic surfactant.


No worries in use. Bullsone wash & wax and car shampoo delivers moderate high foaming to users so that those will feel they are now cleaning their vehicles easily, effectively and eco-friendly.


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