Grasse l’Esterel Tells Story



500 years ago, natural lavender and rose oil that was used to wipe out the leather smell in France Grasse, France.

Grasse l’esterel are premium air freshener for vehicles, uses traditional methods designed to extract the essential oils from natural lavender and rose in Grasse, renowned as the Paradise of the perfumery.

What’s even more, each scent of Grasse l’Esterel series has uniquely attractive story.

Grasse l'Esterel Bulgarian Rose

Bulgarian Rose,

“The Most Elegant Flower and Its Beautiful Special Scent”


The most exclusive and expensive rose in the world is not an ornamental rose with huge petals. It is a Bulgarian rose, picked before blooming. Roses bloom during sunrise; therefore, they must be picked between 3 and 7am in the morning to gain the deepest and strongest fragrance. To make 1kg of rose oil, an average of 450,000 roses (450kg) are used. To extract high-purity rose oil, 3 million roses (3 tons) are needed.

The Bulgarian Rose was so named as it was found in a small valley in Bulgaria by perfumers who had been searching high and low for centuries to find the “most elegant fragrance.” Grasse l’Esterel’s “Bulgarian Rose” contains 100% essential Bulgarian rose oil and is made with the best perfumery techniques by France’s Charabot.

Grasse l'Esterel Firenze Iris

Firenze Iris

“Scent of a Queen” a perfect combination of delicate scent of floral bright and tree.

In the 15th Century, the prince Catherine from the Medici family, Italy referred the Iris fragrance as “Scent of a Queen”. The Iris fragrance was not extracted from the flower but from its root which is 3 years mature, offering a perfect blend of delicate scent of bright flower and tree for charming atmosphere. Iris is the national flower of France and has been used for a crest of the royal family. Vincent van Gogh, a genius painter limned the picture of iris with all of his soul of art for over 2 years to complete.

The iris bloomed elegantly in the lane opposite to Saint Remy mental hospital in southern France. With Grasse l’Esterel Firenze Iris, experience a delicate scent of the Middle Ages in Europe.

Grasse l'Esterel Foret en Finlande

Foret en Finlande

“Just like walking in the Natural forests of Finland, experience fresh healing with pleasant phytoncide scent.”

Finland, the land of lake and forests located in the Scandinavian peninsula of the Nordic Baltic, is where anyone can experience eco-healing while walking in the coniferous forests and beautiful lakes. Just like walking in the Natural forests of Finland, “Grasse l’Esterel Foret en Finlande” will give you comfort and refresh explosion. With blended notes of natural phytoncide essential oil, it makes you feel special as if you were walking through the coniferous trees and also makes your car from unremarkable to crystal clear skies.

Just like a pleasant breeze of refreshing scent of the forest, enjoy a comfort and special driving with “Grasse l’Esterel Foret en Finlande”.

*Phytoncide: Blend of natural ingredients from the plants of forest, also known for reducing the level of stress and ease the tension with sterilization and deodorization effects


In addition, drivers will meet more of elegant and subtle scents of

‘White Musk’, Fresh Fragrance of White Flower and a Captivating Musk Scent

‘Aqua Wave’, Refreshing as Clear Blue Water

‘Santorini Breeze’, Scent of a European Garden Carried on the Soft Breeze of the Sunny Afternoon


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