Make your tire just like brand-new with Bullsone First Class Tire Shield

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The deep black tires make your car look like new, don’t they?

Bullsone First Class Tire Shield will protect tires against polluted materials, result in dazzlingly smooth tire surfaces.

The main benefit of Tire Shield is “coating”. Tire Shield’s Polish Tech (special hardened modified resin) makes the durable protective film shield to prevent dirt of tire.


before after

Tire Shield designed with specially formulated resin delivers a thin transparent film on the surface of a tire.

After use, the applied surface promptly becomes hardened without stickiness and prevents tires from recontamination and wear.

Plus, the coating film is highly resistant to snow, rain or car washes so that one time use keeps tires in vivid black color for around one month.


Difference between ‘polishing’ and ‘coating’


In general, competitor’s polishing product is mainly composed with petroleum based solvent and silicon oil, that make the tire remain in wet look, gradually reduce its durability as the silicon oil is easily wiped out in rain or car washes.

Also, gel-type polishing product has a viscosity that makes the tire adhesive from external pollutants.

On the contrary, First Class Tire Shield, made with exclusively formulated resin that will form extreme durable thin clear film instantly, makes the tire non-adhesive and protected.

It will also prevent losing its coating from rain or car washes & thanks to its rapid stiffening formula.

tireshield coat


Tire Shield provides exceptional durability by the exclusive film protection formed with special coating.

You keep vivid original color of tires for 30 days or 10-time car washes.


Meet 2 types of First Class Tire Shield; Pearl black and Carbon black.

Pearl Black contains fine particles that provide attractive subtle shimmers.

Carbon black produces a chic ambience with deep dark matt black, like new tires.


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