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Bullsone’s Innovative Wide-Mirror Tech Eliminates Blind-Spot Risks

A recent survey showed two out of three people experienced risk of a blind-spot accident, while driving. Nielsen Korea has carried out a survey of 1,000 male and female motorists in Korea on behalf of Bullsone (CEO Lee-chang-hun), one of Korea’s leading auto care products manufacturer.

According to the research, about 64 percent of respondents said that blind spots caused problems; many of them had actual auto accidents or narrowly escaped having an accident.

In reality, blind spot collision accidents while changing lanes are the leading cause of car accidents, which indicates that the blind spot threatens the lives of drivers and passengers.

However, 50.7 percent of those surveyed said that they did not take any action to prevent a blind spot accident.

These risks can be significantly reduced simply by changing narrow-sighted side mirrors.

For this very reason, Bullsone decided to develop the Wide Mirror, which is designed to prevent rear-end collisions and road casualties while changing lanes or reversing the car by providing a wider viewing angle that is more than double that of normal side mirrors. Bullsone’s Wide Mirror will also allow drivers to easily detect obstacles or people in the rear when they park their cars, preventing unexpected danger, while they can easily identify parking lines as well.

Wide Mirror Features

The most outstanding feature of the Bullsone’s Wide Mirror is an advanced application of PMF (Progressive Multifocal technology). The patented PMF technology enables a mirror to be bent progressively, securing wider viewing angle than a mirror with a flat or curved surface so that a driver can have a good view of both the rear and side at the same time.

When the existing convex lens is used to remove the risk of blind spot, it causes image distortion. However, Bullsone Wide Mirror displays the natural image without any distortion.

Bullsone’s patented Wide Mirror is the world’s first technology to eliminate blind-spot risk in 130 years since the automobile was invented in 1886. The technology was certified as No. 1 Transportation New Technology by Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

In addition, it allows a driver to be less-exposed to undue glare while driving at night.

Nielsen’s Home Usage Test (HUT) found that 92.8 percent of respondents said that they were contented with Bullsone Wide Mirror. The reason was cited as changing lanes (94.2 percent) and identifying blind spots (94.2 percent).

According to the survey conducted from September 2 ~ 15, 2013 on the company’s on-line mall, 82 percent of people who made the purchase of the Wide Mirror said that they would like to recommend the product to acquaintances.

In fact, Bullsone Wide Mirror has become highly popular through word-of-mouth internationally, to such an extent that the supply is running short in Korea.

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