Extreme Rain Repellent

150915_레인OK 장기지속_본품_해외


  • Rain repellent coat effects last up to 6 months after application.
  • Delivers ultimate driving visibility to maintain a clear view.
  • No wiper blade operation needed if you drive over 60km/h.


  • Sizes: 100ml (3.38oz)


Clean the glass of your vehicle first. Then use the product in a shady area. Do not use the product on the inner part of the glass.

  1. After separating the cap with the product, stick the sponge on the glass and evenly spread the product on the vehicle in circular motion.
  2. Slightly press the container and smear. After, blot with the enclosed cotton flannel. Make sure you divide the sections before cleaning to prevent natural drying of product.
  3. If there is a stain after use, carefully blot with a little bit of product and cotton flannel.
  4. For best results, try to avoid any contact with water for 2 hours after use.
  5. After use, store the product after putting the lid on.