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Bullsone Engine Care Products best suited for your car engine!
  • Water Remover
    Moisture in the fuel will be instantly decomposed, and
    the decomposed moisture will be dissolved into the
    fuel and then emitted through combustion process.
  • Anti Freeze Fuel Line
    Waxing process where paraffin particles in the fuel
    get stuck with each other as the temperature goes
    down will be prevented so that poor start-up during
    winter, CRDi (common rail injector) damage and
    others can be avoided.
  • Antifreeze Coolant
    It is an additive intended to keep coolant from frozen.
    BULLSONE antifreeze contains metal corrosion inhibitor so that rust/corrosion prevention and aluminum radiator protection can be assured.
  • Inhibit Fuel Line Corrosion Lubricant
    Strong lubrication effect makes machine operation
    smoother, hence reducing noise, preventing
    corrosion / rust and wiping out dust / dirt.
  • Diesel exhaust fluid
    It is used for a SCR-tytype diesel car in order to
    reduce the emission of nitrogen oxide.



  • Paraffin is mixed into diesel during the process of purifying the crude oil. 

    But in the winter season when the temperature drops rapidly, these ingredients result in waxing. 

    Accordingly, the fuel filter and injector could be blocked and causing start-up failure. 

    In this case, start-up by force can damage the engine, so the freezing inhibitor must be used regularly to manage the vehicle.

  • Moisture can penetrate into the fuel line when there is condensation from temperature difference between the external environment and the fuel tank, or when moisture is mixed into the fuel from inflow of snow and rain. 

    The inflow of moisture can cause engine failure, so it is important to use the dehydrator.

  • Antifreeze is classified into EG antifreeze and PG antifreeze, according to the ingredient and not by vehicle type. 

    Bulls Antifreeze is EG antifreeze, and when the existing antifreeze is EG antifreeze, Bulls Antifreeze can be supplemented into the existing antifreeze. 

    However, if you were using PG antifreeze, the current antifreeze must be removed completely before injecting the new Bulls Antifreeze. 

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