Automotive Supplies Specialized R&D Center

“Realizing the customer needs through innovative technology to create new value” Creative and innovative technologies are researched and developed into products and services, to provide the customers and enabling them to enjoy safer, more comfortable and eco-friendly life with their car.

Outstanding research experts of automotive supplies are cultivated to provide technologies, products and services of competitive advantage for the present and future, We continuously strive to develop differentiated new products to realize innovative and creative ideas and concepts preferred by the consumers.

Main Research Field
  • Engine Care

    By understanding the petrochemical products required for the vehicles, and performing R&D for performance realization of the vehicle, solution is provided not only for the driver, but also for the vehicle maintenance experts.

    Main Research Contents
    Combustion deposit control on various substances and impact evaluation on the emission characteristics
    Tribology research on lubrication and friction
    Development of cooling composition with outstanding heat transfer
    • Main Product Group
    • Engine Cleaner
    • Engine Coating
    • Engine Oil
    • Anti-freeze, etc.
  • Surface Care

    As the leading brand in the vehicle exterior care category, R&D and manufacture are performed with various materials to provide high-quality and high-performance care products.

    Main Research Contents
    Surface characteristics and function research for maintenance of the high-tech materials in vehicles
    Product development optimized for cleaning, waxing, coating and polishing for each material used
    • Main Product Group
    • Cleaner
    • Polisher
    • Oil Film Remover
    • Water-repellent Coating Agent
    • Damage Protection Restoring Agent, etc.
  • Air Care

    Continuous R&D is performed for more refreshing and fragrant indoor air quality of the vehicle based on various technologies and outstanding product quality.

    Main Research Contents
    Trend analysis & evaluation in accordance to the consumer needs
    R&D on perfume & fragrance according to the TPO
    Product performance & stability evaluation for creating new value
    • Main Product Group
    • Air Freshener∙Diffuser
    • Deodorizer
    • Air Purifier.

    Research is performed on various car accessories and electronics to provide safe and comfortable driving environment by enhancing the convenience of use by the driver.

    Main Research Contents
    Development of activated carbon material with high efficiency in removing harmful gas in the air-conditioner filter,
    and HEPA-filter material applied technical research
    Technical research on antibacterial/anti-allergic effect of the air-conditioner & heater filter
    Research on aerodynamic, load distribution, rubber synthesis, manufacturing and coating technology of the wiper
    Progressive multifocal lens optical technology applied in the wide mirror for patent application
    • Main Product Group
    • Air-conditioner & Heater Filter
    • Wiper
    • Wide Mirror
    • Car Accessories, etc.

    Advanced material & structure technology is developed in the health care supplies field.

    Main Research Contents
    R&D on gravitational dispersion technology of the air-cell Veta-gel material in dual honeycomb structure
    Partnership on reliability assessment with certified R&D center
    • Main Product Group
    • High-functional cushion
    • Pillow
    • Pelvic Seat
    • Lumbar Cushion
    • Mattress Topper, etc.

Technology of Bullsone

Technology of Bullsone

Bullsone products, produced by Korea’s one and only automotive-specialized R&D Center with the largest production plant,
are acknowledged for its quality and performance not only in Korea, but also in the world.

Green Certification

Green Certification certifies technologies related to the green industry fields such as photovoltaic, wind power,
marine energy, BIO energy and CO2 collecting technology, etc., and the certification procedure is performed by
each evaluation agency designated by the government.
Bullsone’s main product of engine cleaner, Bullsoneshot was acknowledged for reducing the vehicle fuel
consumption and also the emission of CO2, and has also acquired the Green Certification for the first time in the
industry in the fuel additive sector.

EU TUV Certification

Highest European Standard Certification Agency of TUV is responsible for the testing and inspec-
tion of quality and safety on fields that are directly related to the human life, such as automobile,
chemical facility, electric & electronic field, nuclear energy and aviation, etc. Strict inspection is
especially conducted from the production process to the management system, so TUV certified
products are highly trusted in Europe to be recommended by the government.

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