According to the 「Personal Information Protection Act」, Bullsone collects and utilizes your personal information for smooth handling of customer consultation, inquiries, suggestions, complaints, etc. in the Official Bullsone Website.

  • 1. Purpose of Personal Information Collection & Use

    (1) Bullsone uses the collected information of users for the following purposes.
    - Identification of applicants for consultation, inquiries, suggestions, complaints, etc. through the Official Bullsone Website
    - Handling answers via telephone, email, and website
    (2) Except for the performance of legal obligations, Bullsone will not share personal information with a 3rd party.

  • 2. Personal Information Collection Item

    [Essential Information]

    Personal Information Collection Item
    Target Information for Collection & Use
    Applicant Name, Country, Email address, Address

    [Selective Information]
    - N/A

  • 3. Period of Personal Information Possession & Use

    (1) The personal information is stored for 3 years from the date of agreement on the collection and use of the personal information by the provider, and in the case of withdrawing the agreement, the relevant personal information is deleted and destroyed safety with no delay, according to the relevant laws (Article 16 in the Enforcement Ordinance of the Personal Information Protection Act).
    (2) In the case of requiring performance of duties due to other relevant Acts, and handling customer complaints, the personal information can be stored and used exceeding the preservation period.

  • 4. Right to Refuse the Agreement and Disadvantages in Refusal

    (1) The personal information owner holds the right to refuse the collection and use of the personal information.
    (2) Disadvantages according to refusal of agreement: Consultation, inquiries, suggestions, complaints, etc. cannot be processed using the CS center in the Official Bullsone Website.

  • I hereby fully acknowledged the contents of this agreement, and agree to Bullsone collecting and using the personal information according to the relevant laws including the 「Personal Information Protection Act」.

Personal Information Collection & Use

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