Car Oder Removing Solution Proposed by the Genie



Do you know the Genie of the Lamp from
Aladdin who can grant your wishes?

If you rub the magical oil lamp and make your wishes, the Genie will be released in smoke and grant your wishes.

BULLSONE has the Genie of the Lamp, who can resolve your concerns associated with various in-car odors. BULLSONE’s unique technology and knowhow will take care of various causes for in-car odors. After various odors (e.g. cigarette odor, new car odor, air conditioner/heater odor etc.) were analyzed in detail, Saladdin, a car odor remover that can safely and effectively remove such odors without any harmful substance, was finally born.

Now, say goodbye to any odor in your car with the Genie of

Unpleasant, choky odor from an air
conditioner in summer and a heater in winter!

Main causes are fungus and bacteria that originate from the water
collected in an evaporator, a device intended to lower the temperature for
an air conditioner. Odor that cannot be wiped out or covered!

Fumigation can of Saladdin deeply penetrates into a smoky, inaccessible
evaporator and kills main odor bacteria. All it takes is just 10 minutes!

Use an aerosol-type premium odor remover if you want to easily remove
odor whenever necessary. If you inject an aerosol deeply into the
air-conditioner vent, BULLSONE’s Neutratech technology will eliminate the
odor bacteria completely.


Saladdin’s unique technology
  • No addition of
    5 substances
    No addition of CMIT/MIT, PCMX,
    5 phthalates and 4 parabens
  • Odor removal
    Removal of unpleasant odors
    (e.g. fungus odor from air
    conditioner/heater, etc.)
  • Neutratech-patented
    Exclusive licensee of
    Neutratech-patented technology that neutralizes and removes odor through scent
  • Baking soda
    Healthy in-car environment
    with strong odor-removing
    baking soda
  • Stability of odor-removing
    fumigation can
    Successful completion
    of a skin irritation test on the
    steam from a fumigation can
5 Ingredients
not added
in Saladdin
  • CMIT/MIT : Restricted substances set by the Ministry of Environment
  • PCMX : Substances that can cause acute respiratory distress syndrome when inhaled
  • Formaldehyde : Class 1 carcinogen
  • 5 phthalates* : Environmental hormones
  • 4 parabens* : Skin/eye irritants

5 phthalates* : dimethyl phthalate, diethyl phthalate, dibutyl phthalate, diisopropyl phthalate, butyl benzyl phthalate
4 parabens* : metal paraben, ethyl paraben, propyl paraben, butyl paraben



  • The product must be fixed inside the vehicle pocket to prevent the product from moving.

    In other indoor spaces, the product can be used to perform sufficient deodorizing effect in any places, except for humid locations.

    Please remove the membrane when using the product in the refrigerator.

  • Saladdin Powerful Odor Remover Capsule can be used for removing various types of odor not only in the vehicle, but also in many indoor places and spaces. 

    Faster and more powerful deodorizing effect can be felt in smaller spaces. 

  • Before using the product, insert the straw into the spray hole.

    Set the air circulation system to outdoor air circulation, turn OFF the engine and open all vehicle doors.

    The product is sprayed 1 ~ 2 seconds per vent hole. (Proper usage in 1 time: 1~2 seconds, equal spray to 4 vent holes) 

    Natural ventilation must be performed for over 15 minutes for sufficient deodorizing effect. (Do not ride on the car during ventilation process.)

  • 1. Start the engine and turn OFF the air-conditioner. Set the fan to maximum, and the air circulation system to internal circulation. 

    2. Place the can on a flat surface in the center of the floor mat on the passenger seat.

    3. Tear the water pouch incision part, pour water into the container, and close all doors on the vehicle.

    4. After 10 minutes, remove the product container, and ventilate the car to eliminate the smoke completely.

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