Automotive Supplies

Since incorporated in 2001 and specialized in overall car care businesses (e.g. Engine care, Air care, Glass care, Surface care, Etc.),
BULLSONE has produced and sold over 100 car care products.

  • We Are The Market

    Bullsone is leading the domestic car care product market by developing
    and pioneering new categories in the vehicle after market from the
    engine cleaner of Bullsone Shot to water repellent coating, hybrid wiper,
    car diffusers and air cleaner, etc.

  • Korea’s No.1 car care products

    With Bullsone Shot occupying over 90% of the domestic engine cleaner market, Korea’s No. 1 Car Air Freshener Brand, Grasse, and Korea’s No. 1 wiper, RainOK, Bullsone is ranked No. 1 and unrivaled in all car care product categories.

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Bullsone is expanding its “New Business”, a
comprehensive vehicle management service
which can actively respond to changes in the
global automotive aftermarket industry and
lead the market.

Business Area

  • Bullsone Plaza
  • Bullsone Wash&care
  • Bullsone Car Care
  • Bullsone Specialty



Committed to drivers’ health, BULLSONE has
gone beyond its traditional business domain,
by entering the healthcare market for optimal
physical/mental balance, and eventually
launched BalanceOn, a living healthcare
brand. Made of dual-honeycomb air-cell
materials from Vetagel™ and based on the
core technology for effective dispersion of
body pressure, a variety of BalanceOn
products have been launched (e.g. sitting
cushion, pillow, pelvis, etc.).

healthcare photo

International Sales (Chinese sales branch, etc.)

International Sales (Chinese sales branch, etc.)

Continuously challenging its capabilities without resting on its success in the domestic market, BULLSONE incorporated a
Chinese sales branch in 2012 through a series of in-depth market research and analysis processes.
Since then, BULLSONE has reinforced its brand equity and distribution network through numerous international
automotive expos and sponsorship programs. Consequently, BULLSONE provides its top-tier products to about 50
different countries (in Asia, Middle East, North America, Africa, Latin America, CIS, etc.).
BULLSONE will continue to make every possible effort to become the world’s best automotive supplies manufacturer.

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