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  • Periodic car wash plays an important role not only in the cleanliness of the vehicle, but also on durability. It depends on the climatic condition and tendency of the car owner, but it is recommended to wash the car regularly every 2 to 3 weeks. When the car is exposed to snow, rain, yellow dust, fine dust and also calcium chloride in the winter, these pollutants should not be neglected, and must be removed immediately.  

    There are various methods in the order of car wash, but we recommend for you to follow the order listed below.

    1. Pre-wash: High-pressure water is used to wash the car as if sweeping from the top to bottom.  Before using the managing agent, sand, dirt and thick foreign substances must be removed, and pre-wash has the effect of cooling the car surface.

    2. Bubble Washing (Foam Gun & Foam Lance, Mitt Use): Bubble is sprayed by using the foam gun or foam lance, and to be left on the car surface for 3 to 5 minutes before using the mitt to wash the polluted areas of the car. 

       * Recommended Products: Spray-type washing (Crystal Car Shampoo, Firstclass Fomaing Car Shampoo), Car washing using Bucket/Foam Gun/Foam Lance (Crystal Bubble Car Wash Shampoo), Car Wash Products (Bullsone Car Wash Sponge)

    3. High-pressure washing: Pollutants and remaining bubbles on the coating surface, glass, wheel and wheel house are removed, and bottom washing is also possible if there is bottom washing function. 

     In the winter season, bottom washing is very important because the deicers such as calcium chloride can cause corrosion.

    4. Drying: After removing the moisture on the gap, drying towel is used to remove the moisture from the coating surface and glass, etc.

       * Recommended Products: Bullsone Microfiber Towel Series (Large size, Basic Cleaning towel, Cleaning towel set(3 types))

    5. Cleaning & Coating: Compound is used to manage the scratches and paint spots, and coating surface gloss coating and tire gloss products are used for car management. 

       * Recommended Products: Compound (Crystal Compound, Firstclass 2-Step Compound, Firstclass 3-Step Compound mini-kit, etc.), 

                      Coating Surface Gloss & Water repellent (Crystal Coat Plus)      

                      Tire & Wheel care (Crystal Wheel Cleaner, Crystal Tire Coat)

    6. Car Interior Wash: High-pressure gun or vacuum cleaner is used to remove the dust from the mat, dashboard, air vent and seats to manage the pollution and gloss of the interior.

        * Recommended Products: Crystal Interior Cleaner, Crystal Glass Cleaner, Carejam Leather Cleaner, Lotion, 2-Step Leather Care, etc.  

  • The bottom of the trunk box is equipped with velcro to prevent slipping.

  • The outer diameter of the handle is different for each vehicle, with two sizes available (370MM and 380MM). 

    Please refer to the exclusive vehicle type table in the product package for purchase. 

  • The wireless car pack that is used by matching with the FM radio frequency can produce slight noise due to the interference from the peripheral environment.

  • The currently launched vacuum cleaner for vehicles is exclusively for 12V vehicles (Sedan/RV, SUV), so it cannot be used in 24V vehicles (Truck/Bus).

  • As shown in the description, we will explain the main functions briefly as it may be difficult to actually see the functions.

    BalanceOn Seat does not become flat after long period of use, while still softly supporting the hip. 

    Compared to sitting cushions with the memory foam material, BalanceOn Seat has the following features that enable such functions.

    Memory foam is a material developed to have high density and low elasticity features, so the cushion becomes flat and loses elasticity after long period of use. 

    These are not the disadvantages of memory foam, but its intended features.

    This is because NASA developed the memory foam to instantly disperse the strong impact to the passengers during the space ship launching.

    It only takes few minutes for the space ship to pass through the atmosphere for receiving less gravitational effect. 

    The memory foam cushion may seem comfortable, but as described above, it is made of low-elasticity material, so the initial compression strength after impact is not restored to lose elasticity after long period of use.

    Memory foam cushion is suitable when sitting and standing on the cushion repeatedly for just few minutes to protect the hip and joints.

    Meanwhile, the Vetagel material of Dobule layer honeycomb hexagonal pillar structure applied to the BalanceOn Seat was designed to have the features of high density and high elasticity.

    The Vetagel material of Dobule layer honeycomb hexagonal pillar structure applied to the BalanceOn Seat was originally developed for preventing bedsore on the patients hospitalized for long period of time. 

    When the patients lacking muscular strength sit or lie down, the high-density feature absorbs the impact to the patient, and supports the patient's body through the high-elasticity feature during the long period of lying down. 

    That is why BalanceOn Seat must be experienced for those sitting for long period of time.

  • Using the Vetagel Seat only without the cover is not recommended.

    The green color from the Vetagel might transfer to the cloth.

  • Please consider the physique of the driver and the vehicle type comprehensively for determining the size. 

    M size is designed for an adult male with the height of 176cm and the weight of 70kg.

    If you have the similar physique, L size is actually better for the driver's seat because it has more room and stability to cover the hip and thighs comfortably. 

    Unlike the seat for the general chair, the seat for the driver's seat is in the structure of wrapping the thighs from the side. To utilize the function of wrapping the thighs on the driver's seat, we recommend the L size.  

  • The Vetagel material of Double-layer honeycomb hexagonal pillar structure on the BalanceOn Seat maintains the elasticity to have outstanding restoring force.

    There were numerous changes in the design process of applying Vetagel with the hexagonal honeycomb technology optimized for the column buckling that is used in architecture for maintaining the strong structural tolerance and restoring force for long period of time.

    In addition, 3D test was performed for millions of times by our research institute to guarantee the durability.

    Therefore, BalanceOn Seat will not get ripped and expose the internal material, or get sunken after long period of use.

    Also, BalanceOn Seat can be washed with water, and it shows 99.9% antibacterial effect. The elasticity is maintained after long period of time, and effective pressure dispersion function can be experienced continuously.

    Is the L size possible for use as the sitting cushion in the car?

    L size is 25mm in thickness and 460mm X 420mm in length and width.

    Yes, the L size can be used in vehicles.

    Please refer to the blog link below for the image on mounting BalanceOn Seat in the driver's seat.

  • BalanceOn Seat is a product in Double-layer honeycomb hexagonal pillar structure developed according to the needs of the general consumers based on the medical product used by patients with bedsore or who  have to lie or sit for long period of time. Also, BalanceOn Seat is combined with the patented technology of the Vetagel material.

    There are three major improvements compared to the existing functional seats such as the air seat or latex seat.

    1. Unlike other functional materials, the Double-layer honeycomb hexagonal pillar structure and Vetagel material of BalanceOn Seat does not pressurize or distort the micro-vessels, enabling good blood circulation to provide comfort in sitting position even for a long period of time. 

    2. Each cell in Vetagel material of honeycomb structure reacts to the fine movements of the body for air exhaustion to maximize the air permeability, and the non-slip cover on the bottom of the BalanceOn Seat and the unique weight of the Vetagel  material helps the proper posture of the driver, by preventing the chair sliding back easily.

    3. The Dobule-layer honeycomb hexagonal pillar structure and Vetagel material prevents the contents from bursting or sinking, and the product can also be washed with water to enable long age of use. The product is more economic when used for a long period of time.

    In actual use, 9 out of 10 people showed satisfaction, along with 8 out of 10 taxi drivers who conveyed high satisfaction level. 

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