RainOK Wiper, a Must-have for Safe Driving in Clear View">



Clear View is the Basics in Safe Driving!
RainOK Wiper is a premium wiper that was developed through the technology of Bullsone to secure the optimum view even in severe climates such as snow and rain, etc.
Korea’s No. 1 market share of RainOK Wiper realizes outstanding wiping function through the performance that passed the wiping test over 500,000 times,  premium metal frame that enables stable pressing pressure and utilizing the technology from premium Chloroprene Rubber (CR) with excellent durability.
The best choice for the Smart Drivers, experience the RainOK Wiper!
* Market Share: 2019 Neilsens Scan Track Standard
Why should you change your wiper?
A wiper is seamlessly used 24/365. Did you know that the life of your wiper shortened going through cold days, snowy days, hot days and rainy days? A wiper exposed to various damage causes can hamper clear view and become a direct cause for car accident.
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Wiper replacement cycle?
It is recommended to replace a wiper twice a year since the wiper can be damaged by various sources.Replace a wiper that has suffered from ultraviolet ray and rain, and be ready for the winter! Replace a wiper that has suffered from cold days and snow, and be ready for the spring!
Sign of wiper replacement
  • If there is long mark icon

    If there is
    long mark

  • If it is hard to wipe icon

    If it is hard
    to wipe

  • If it is shaky icon

    If it is

  • If it is frozen icon

    If it is

  • If there is noise icon

    If there is

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Metal Hybrid Frame for clean wiping without heaving
Cheap plastic frame wipers that we can frequently see in the market are lightweight and weak to have heaving, and after long period of use, the frame is separated to be distorted in form.
Bullsone RainOK Wiper uses hybrid frame that guarantees stable pressing pressure to enable clean wiping performance even in high-speed driving without heaving.

3 new features of metal-wing hybrid filmed wiper

  • New metal hybrid frame

    4-joint structure of metal frame
    Joint structure of metal frame enables strong contact regardless of the vehicle type & glass curve
  • RainOK wiper test result

    Optimum pressing pressure for strong contact to the glass curve
    Optimum contact is realized through the uniform pressing force that is directly related to the wiping performance
    *What is uniform load test?
    In the curved glass surface, the uniform level of the wiper pressing pressure distribution is evaluated to judge the contact of the wiper
  • Aerodynamic wing

    Aerodynamic design
    Spoiler form of aerodynamic design is appliedTo maintain stable wiping performance and quiet driving in high-speed driving
RainOK Wiper Rubber that is durable even in severe climate conditions of
the four seasons
RainOK Wiper is a result of long research by the Bullsone R&D Center to maintain the durability even in severe weather conditions such as snow, rain and UV rays that can have impact on the wiper performance, and compared to many Chinese wipers in the market, the rubber and frame surface durability (Ozone-resistance, corrosion-resistance) are excellent to endure even in harsh climate conditions.
Ozone Aging Test on Rubber
Test for verifying the ozone-resistance of wiper rubber exposed to strong sunlight
Continuous exposure in 40 ℃, ozone concentration of 50 pphm,
for 72 hours
  • RainOK wiper

    RainOK wiper img No rubber cracks
  • low cost & quality wiper

    low cost & quality wiper Rubber cracking !
    Front view disturbance
Salt spray test
Corrosion resistance check for a wiper exposed to salt contained in rain & calcium chloride
35 ℃ (±2), salt concentration 5% (±1), air pressure 1.2 0.2 kg/cm (± 0.2), 120/240-hour continuous exposure
  • RainOK wiper

    RainOK wiper Red rust or corrosion not found
  • low cost & quality wiper

    low cost & quality wiper Red rust or corrosion found!
    Operation risk

Application of Wiper Rubber in FUKOKU, Japan img

High-end Wiper rubber technology applied
The synthetic rubber with the technology for high quality(=Chloroprene Rubber (CR)), is applied to realize smooth & clean wiping performance



  • There are customers who visit the car service center to replace the wiper, or think that replacing the wiper is troublesome and difficult.

    But you can actually replace the wiper easily and conveniently through the following methods in order.

    First, raise the locking device on the center of the wiper to release.

    Second, separate the product from the wiper ring.

    Third, release the locking device of the new product.

    Fourth, insert the ring to fix the wiper.

    Fifth, remove the wiper blade cover to finish the installation.

  • When the following signs are shown, the wiper needs to be changed.

    First, the wiper does not wipe the glass properly, and there is a dragging phenomenon.

    Second, friction sound is heard when the wiper is moving, in contact with the glass.

    Third, the wiper seems to bounce on operation.

    In addition, when there is a oil film on the front glass due to dust and exhaust gas, the above problems cannot be solved just by changing the wiper. In this case, we recommend oil film removal and water-repellent coating before changing the wiper.

  • The wiper of a vehicle can be compared to the eyes.  

    The wiper is an important car component that is connected directly with safety, so regular inspection and management are necessary. 

    Especially with the recent serious fine dust, the abrasion of the rubber blade on the wiper, frame distortion and corrosion must be checked for each season. 

    If there are abnormal signs such as noise on wiper operation or hydroplaning even before the replacement cycle period, the wiper must be changed immediately.

  • If you want to mount the wiper on the driving and passenger seats for one vehicle, total of 2 products must be purchased for each size. The wiper is not a set item, but single product for each seat.

  • For the water repellent wiper, coating film is discharged from the wiper to prevent the rain drops from gathering and just to bounce the water drops off. Unlike the general wipers, the hybrid wiper has joint structure to have good contact with the glass for outstanding wiping performance.

  • The difference of the two products is the wing.

    The Metal Hybrid Wiper has the metal frame and 4 joints in the structure to have strong contract to the glass, and even the ends of the wiper shows clean wiping performance.

    The Metal Wing Hybrid Wiper is equipped with a dynamic wing on the Metal Hybrid Wiper, and maximum contact and wiping performance can be achieved even in high-speed driving of 180km/h. 

  • It depends on how the vehicle is used.

    If the vehicle is used to go and get back from work, we commend that you use the G Coating Wiper with outstanding durability and long use, and if you use the expressway frequently to go out of town, we recommend for you to use the Hybrid Wiper that has 4 joints in the structure to have better contact with the glass surface for low noise and excellent wiping.

  • Like a house that must have good basic frame to be a good house, the wiper must also have a good frame.

    Unlike other plastic wipers, Bulls One Hybrid Wiper is made of metal material to have proper weight.

    The frame is made of metal to give excellent pressing power, and the wiper is in good contact with the glass surface on rainy or windy days to wipe the glass better than other products.

  • As we have joints on our arms and knees to move freely and to hold objects easily, the hybrid wiper also has joints to be in contact with the curved glass of the vehicle.

    Due to the joint structure, the hybrid wiper is appropriate for any glass shape, and has the advantage of dispersing the strength evenly.

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