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Glass care is the start of safe driving.
Unclear view is equivalent to driving with your eyes closed.
In particular, windshield is like a driver’s eye so that it requires professional and systematic maintenance.
With RainOK Glass Care products, enjoy clean windshield and safe driving.

Glass care
by RainOK

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    Oil film
  • Filmed rain repellent glass coating of glass icon

    Filmed rain repellent
    glass coating
    of glass
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    Washer fluid
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    Anti fog


Oil film removal
Oil film refers to water stain, grease, pollutant and coating residues that cannot be removed with water or glass cleaner.
Why does oil film need to be removed?
It interrupts driving by obstructing the view. In particular, as water and oil film get stuck with each other in rainy days, it is hard to wipe out such foreign matter and have a clear view, hence leading to higher accident risk.

30% improvement in oil film removal due to dual particles!

  • Effective removal of oil film thanks to dual-layered glass abrasives, Hazy view and diffuse reflection while driving at night and in rainy days

    Before removing oil film

  • Effective removal of oil film thanks to dual-layered glass abrasives, Clear view while driving at night and in rainy days

    After removing oil film

Rain Repellent Coating
Rain Repellent Coating simply means resistant to penetration by water
Why is Rain repellent coating required?
The glass surface with rain repellent coating changes the rainwater into water drops to reduce the surface area of the rainwater to increase the visibility and to remove the rainwater more easily. Rain Repellent Coating is useful not only in rainy days, but also in snowy days.
  • Before Rain repellent coating img

    Before Rain repellent coating
    Raindrops formed while driving in rainy days will obstruct the view.

  • After Rain repellent coating img

    After Rain repellent coating
    Clear view can be secured as raindrops bounce off the surface.

RainOK washer fluid

Why is washer fluid required?
The window contaminated with fine dust, yellow dust, pollen and muddy water is difficult to secure clear vision.
In this case, the washer fluid stored in the car is used for cleaning and for safe driving.
Features of RainOK washer fluid
First, patented ingredient composition performs outstanding rain repellent ability
Second, Echo-Friendly Certificated Washer with Hazardous Substance Reduction Effect.

Eco-Label, 2017 Green Products, TUV Certificate, TUV Certificate

Environment protection and cleanliness! Two birds with one stone!
Anion surfactant has low biodegradability to be harmful to the environment.
RainOK washer fluid uses a surfactant with outstanding biodegradability for not only outstanding cleaning, but also considers the environment.
  • Anion surfactant test img

    Anion surfactant test
    Test condition : KS M 2709 complied
    (Quantitative analysis of anion surfactant)
    Test concentration : Undiluted solution of the product
    Test sample : RainOK Ethanol Green Washer fluid, RainOK Ethanol 3 in 1
    Coating Washer fluid, A Company & B Company

    Result : Anion surfactant exists when the transparent solution
    (chloroform layer) changes to blue

  • Anion surfactant test Graph

    Cleanliness assessment test
    Test condition : KS M 2709 complied cleaning ability evaluation
    (Test method of the synthetic detergen)
    Test concentration : Undiluted solution of the product
    Soiled cloth : Wet-type artificial soiled cloth (JIS C 9606)
    Test method : After cleaning, the reflectivity of the soiled cloth is
    measured, and an equation is used to evaluate the cleaning power
    Test sample : Bullsone Ethanol Green Washer, A Company,
    B Company

    Result : RainOK Ethanol Green Washer > A Company > B Company

Frost prevention

  • Frost img

    Why frost removal?
    Frost not only interferes with driving but also block the view, hence resulting in higher accident risk. Therefore, it should be quickly removed or prevented in advance.
  • test img

    Demister Performance Evaluation
    Test condition : RainOk Anti-Fog Spray is used to compare the fogging before/after the coating
    Test method : After demister coating, steam is sprayed with the steam generator to check the fogging



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