Pola-fresh Pola Family, a Trendy Car air freshener



Fragrant driving with Pola Family!
Pola Family has a line of air freshener with trendy & cool design, and
will make your car full of pleasant scent and joy.
Pola Family is a leading car air freshener brand with diverse models:
Vent Clip model with cute character, sun visor model, cup holder
model, bent stick model with cute character, etc.
brand stroy img
Pola Family was first created in 2001 along with the characters.
Adorable & lovely animal characters accompany the pleasant driving experience of the drivers.
Look forward to the products with various characters of our Pola Family friends!
  • POPO The successor to the
    throne of the rich &
    golden Pig Kingdom,
    the trustworthy
    adviser, Popo
  • GHOST Timid Baby Ghost
  • BOOBOO Charismatic leader,
    the pola bear, BooBoo
  • MAYO Our everlasting top star,
    the spotted dog, Mayo
  • PANGO The youngest one
    with charms, full of
    cuteness even when
    just sitting still, Pango
  • MONGYI Merino Sheep that is gentle
    and likes to sleep
  • SHASHA Adorable career woman,
    the artic fox, ShaSha
  • PENGU Best gentleman,
    but actually very goofy baby
    emperor penguin, Pengu
  • KIKI Reckless
    & rich baby
Evidence of continuous innovation
BULLSONE Sunvisor, a sun-visor
type air freshener
Pola Family introduced a sun-visor type air freshener in 2016.
Since BULLSONE Sunvisor maximizes the space efficiency
and has modern & simple design, it has become very popular
among numerous consumers.



  • After using the Polar Family sun visor product, another preferred scent refill product can be selected for an exchange.

    Also, the sun visor character-type and cigarette smoke remover-type can be used for different kind of scents.

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