Bulls Power Engine coatings Bullspower based on the Golden Time for Engine Abrasion Prevention



7 Seconds of Golden Time for Engine
Abrasion Prevention!
When a car is started up, it takes about 7 seconds for engine oil to be evenly distributed throughout the engine.
During this short period referred to as the Dry Start*, the metal parts
of the engine contact against each other to move over millions of
times, and 70~80% of the engine wear that is the cause of degradation is occurred during this period. Engine Coating Treatment produces a protective coating inside the engine to prevent engine friction and wear during this 7 seconds of golden time, to maintain the engine in the state of a new car at all times.
* Dry start¹: Condition where lubrication cannot be ensured at start-up because engine oil sits on the oil pan while the engine is cooled down
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Should I use BULLSPOWER Engine Coating Treatment in addition to engine oil?
Even premium synthetic oil will not prevent an engine’s dry-start friction/abrasion.
On the other hand, BULLSPOWER Engine Coating Treatment will prevent such friction/abrasion by forming protective coating inside an engine and keep your engine as good as new.


3-layered Coating Films
3-layered coating films (organic molybdenum, nano fullerene, organic tungsten) will be formed through BULLSPOWER Engine Coating Treatment’s unique engine protection materials so that the engine can be reliably protected.

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  • Advanced Organic Molybdenum Compound (AOMC)
    Intended for mileage improvement, this material improves lubrication performance and protects the engine during dry start and road driving.
  • Organic tungsten
    Highly resistant to scratch at high temperature, this material protects the engine at high-output/high-speed driving.
  • Nano fullerene
    Having won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry, this material improves lubrication performance through bearing effects.
    • Rolling Effect
    • Protective Effect
    • Mending Effect
    • Polishing Effect
BULLSPOWER does not contain any of the three hazardous materials for engine!
3 hazardous materials for engine, which are generally contained in low-cost engine additives, are the main causes for engine corrosion and filter blocking (e.g.metal corrosion, sludge forming, carbonization, etc.).
  • 1

    Chlorinated paraffin[Engine corrosion]
  • 2

    PTFE(teflon)[Filter blocking]
  • 3

    MoS2 (molybdenum
    [Filter blocking]
Performance Results of BULLSPOWER Engine Coating Treatment
BULLSPOWER Engine Coating Treatment prevents the engine wear effectively even when the driving time is increased and when the engine is in high temperature!
  • Anti-wear performance is strengthened
    even more as the driving hours are increased after
    injecting BULLSPOWER Engine Coating Treatment!

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    Abrasion changes before/after BULLSPOWER injection
  • Anti-wear ability is more outstanding
    as the engine temperature is increased!

    graph img

    Assessment of friction reduction in high-tempeture



  • When Bulls Power is mixed with fuel, it is dissolved to be combusted, so there is not effect to the mechanical parts of the vehicle. 

    However, the product effect could not be displayed, so fill the vehicle with as much as fuel possible for dilution. 

  • Bulls Power was acknowledged of the quality through strict tests conducted by official national agencies, and it does not cause any changes to the outstanding property of the synthetic engine oil.

    In addition, the AOMC ingredient contained in the Bulls Power helps the lubrication of the synthetic engine oil to have the effect of reducing abrasion from friction. Accordingly, the engine is protected safely by using Bulls Power. 

    Base oil that compose 60% of Bulls Power is top-quality 100% synthetic oil.

    The product was designed from the planning stage to perform the most outstanding performance on both synthetic and general engine oil.

    The outstanding product performance of Bulls Power is displayed regardless of the grade of synthetic oil available in the domestic market. 

  • Bulls Power forms the protective film on the inner wall of the engine to prevent abrasion, so it is recommended to use Bulls Power on the new car to manage the engine efficiently.

    It is recommended to use Bulls Power on the new car to maintain the new engine state for long period of time. 

  • The engine oil gauge is first checked, and when the amount of engine oil is below the F line, one bottle of Bulls Power is injected. 

    Recommended amount of use is 1 bottle (500ML) of Bulls Power per 4L of engine oil for gasoline vehicles, and 1 bottle (500ML) of Bulls Power per 6L of engine oil for diesel vehicles. 

    Powerful effect can last for longer period of time when Bulls Power is used during the replacement of engine oil

    Bulls Power is recommended for use regularly for every 10,000km of driving distance.

  • The main ingredient of the Bulls Power is AOMC, which creates electric bond on the metal surface inside the engine, to form engine coating film. 

    This feature of electric bond plays the role of protecting the engine from fatal abrasion of 'dry start' especially in the morning, that results in 80% of engine wear.

    The engine coating film prevents the engine wear that can occur not only during the driving, but also in dry start to extend vehicle's engine life.

    In addition, the lubricant ability is improved to reduce the friction inside the engine, to decrease power loss. 

    Accordingly, noise is reduced, power is increased, and there is also improvement of fuel efficiency. 

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