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    Bullsoneshot, predecessor to the No. 1 Car Care Brand “BULLSONE”!
    Since 1997, Bullsoneshot has pioneered the car care culture in Korea.

  • NEW

    Take good care of your car just like it’s brand new.
    Strongly committed to its sincere care for cars,
    Bullsoneshot continuously studies new engines and develops new products.

  • EASY

    The cutting-edge engine science in a bottle of Bullsoneshot makes it easier to manage your engine.
    All you have to do is to easily inject it to the inlet.


    Carbon deposit formed in an engine, the heart of car, is difficult to remove and deteriorates the engine’s performance.
    As a unique solution, special materials and technology are integrated into a bottle of Bullsoneshot.


    Users of Bullsoneshot have been highly satisfied with its performance and effectiveness, and continuously using it.


    New products and technologies are offered for new value creation.
    Product and technology reliance is assured through official certifications and tests.


    Korean technology has gone beyond global automotive technology.
    Bullsoneshot develops such technology that can change your driving experience.

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bullsoneshot Brand Story
What are the benefits of Bullsoneshot?

Within any engine-driven car, carbon deposit will be produced even from the
start-up due to the fuel soot and evaporated engine oil inside the engine.
This carbon deposit may cause the deterioration and failure of an engine.

Bullsoneshot quickly and thoroughly eliminates carbon deposit
accumulated on each component of the engine (e.g. injector, air intake valve,
combustion chamber, etc.), and restores the engine performance, thus
providing various benefits (e.g. higher output, improved fuel efficiency,
reduced exhaust emissions, reduced noise, etc.).

Bullsoneshot will keep your car engine as powerful and smooth as the new one.

Find the Best Bullsoneshot Product

Find the best Bullsoneshot product and keep your car as good as new!
Sedan Hybrid Mileage-30,000~70,000km
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    Bullsoneshot STANDARD

    Carbon deposit cleaning for hybrid engines

    If the mileage of a diesel engine is less than 30,000 km, use Bullsoneshot NEW CAR (diesel).

    Retailer : Auto repair shop
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    Bullsoneshot PREMIUM

    Carbon deposit prevention for new hybrid engines

    If the mileage of a hybrid gasoline engine is between 30,000 and 70,000 km,
    use Bullsoneshot STANDARD (gasoline) or Bullsoneshot PREMIUM (gasoline).

    Retailer : Discount store, Gas station, Online


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    CO2 emission reduction
    (fuel cost reduction)
    30% contribution to CO2 reduction based on
    the Government’s 2020 BAU
    81,263 tons of annual CO2 reduction
    = Equivalent to 1,428 30-year old pine trees
    annual CO2 reduction
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    Atmospheric improvement
    Atmospheric improvement
    thanks to reduction in exhaust gases such as
    HC (hydrocarbon), CO (carbon monoxide)
    and Nox (nitrogen oxide)
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    Global warming prevention
    Global warming prevention
    through reduction of fossil fuel use

Green Certification

In November 2011, Bullsoneshot obtained the Green Certification of Korea,
the first time in the car fuel additive industry, owing to its CO2 emission reduction effectiveness.

Green Technology?

Technology that is intended to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases and pollutants based on a variety of energy/resource saving techniques (e.g. greenhouse gas reduction technique, energy efficiency technique, green production technique, green energy technique, recycling & green technique (including related convergence techniques), etc.)

Green Certification?

Strict governmental certification of eco-friendly technologies (e.g. solar energy, wind power, marine energy, bio energy, CO2 collection, etc.)


TUV Certification

Committed to being the world’s best company, BULLSONE has been continuously endeavoring to make technical improvement.
Such endeavor resulted in a TUV certification mark, which signifies global recognition of our excellence.
Bullsoneshot by BULLSONE is an outstanding product that has been acknowledged by numerous institutions in the world.

TUV certification?

In order to obtain a certificate from TUV, an internationally-recognized certified testing agency, not only the product itself but also the company’s production process and business systems should be extraordinary. In Germany, any product with TUV mark is recommended by the government, and consumers trust and purchase such products.

Benefits of Bullsoneshot
Over the past decade, BULLSONE has conducted more than 100 official tests, on various car models, by 6 different global certified testing agencies (e.g. KATECH, U.S. Intertek, UK’s Tickford, ETF, Chinese CRAES, VETC, etc.), and proved its excellence.
  • Helps Restoring Performance
    Helps Restoring
  • Improves Fuel Efficiency
    Fuel Efficiency
  • High Cleaning Performance & Reduced Exhaust Emissions
    High Cleaning Performance
    & Reduced Exhaust Emissions
Working Principles of Bullsoneshot
Did you know that there is no contact between an engine oil line and a fuel line inside an engine?
In order to keep a car engine as good as new, both regular engine oil management and engine cleaner management, which is intended to remove the fuel line’s carbon deposit, are required.


Engine Cleaning by Bullsoneshot - Before & After
  • Injector
    As evenly injected fuel particles lead to stronger
    blast, better mileage and output can be realized.


  • Air intake valve
    As smoother air intake enhances combustion
    efficiency, fuel cost and fume can be reduced.


  • Combustion chamber
    Higher output, reduced noise, better comfort and
    others can be attained thanks to stronger blast and
    softer piston movement.


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